Tam & Mary Llewellyn for the first time in Hungary


EFT Masters run trainings in Hungary for the first time ever!

For many years now I planned to invite trainers from abroad to run EFT courses for the students of Human Harmony EFT Academy.

I first met with Tam and Mary Llewellyn a couple of years ago on a conference of EFT Masters in London. Both of them made wonderful presentations and live EFT demos. Among others they presented a number of new EFT techniques developed on their own. Speaking with them in one of the conference breaks, it turned out that they had had held EFT courses in Romania before and they would be happy to make presentations also in Hungary.

Novelty – exclusively in Hungary!

On a conference last year we talked about their Hungarian trip in more detail. Finally, this May we decided that in October they would make an EFT Level 1 and an EFT Level 2 course in Hungary. Later I asked Tam and Mary to set up an exclusive course for Hungarian EFTers which would contain advanced EFT techniques  and some new energy healing methods based on EFT. These courses will comtain a number of novelties even for seasoned EFTers. The so called EFT Plus course will be available exclusively with our organisation, Human Harmony and in the time stated below.

I am looking forward to these courses as we can learn very new aspects of EFT healing. I recommand to come along even if you are a seasoned EFT therapist and even if you have never heard about EFT. I believe that it is well worth to see, hear and experience all what the Llewellyns want to present for us.

About the program

In October 2012 the first two courses of 2012 training year of  Human Harmony EFT Academy will be held by EFT Masters trained personally by Gary Craig, the Founder of EFT. They will also run a new exclusive EFT Plus course for the first time ever.

The participants of EFT1 and EFT2 courses will get an international EFT Universe Certificate of Attendance.


October 20-21 2012  EFT Level 1 course. No previous training required

October 22-23 2012 EFT Level 2 course. EFT Level 1 training required

October 27-28 2012 EFT PLUS – an exclusive advanced EFT course which comprises some of Energy Psychology techniques based on EFT (e.g. BSFF, TAT, etc.)  EFT Level 2 training required


Courses will be held in English. Hungarian interpretation provided.

Manuals will be provided in English or in Hungarian as required.

Klick HERE and read more about the trainings!

About the Trainers

The courses are run by Tam & Mary Llewellyn-Edwards.  Tam is a homeopath and Mary is a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist.  Both are also Meridian Therapists having been trained in these therapies in the United States.

Tam is Professor of Homeopathy & Energy Therapy at Calamus University and Mary  is a ‘certified educator’ with the National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH) and a ‘course provider’ with the National Council for Psychotherapy (NCP).

Basically they teach these therapies because they love it and meet so many wonderful people who start as their students and end as their friends. They are not primarily trainers, but prefer to be thought of as therapists who train other therapists because they like to ‘spread the word’.

Dr Tam Llewellyn-Edwards

Tam Llewellyn-Edwards is Homeopath and Meridian Therapist.  He works full-time at the Tickhill Complementary Health Clinic, and he is also one of the tutors on Meridian Energy Courses. He also acts as a Psychological Trainers for sports men & women, both individually and for teams. Tam is a member of  the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, and the American Psychology Assoc. He is Professor of Homeopathy & Energy Therapy at Calamas University and an assessor for the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.  He was been awarded ‘Master Practitioner’ Status by Gary Craig (the originator od EFT) and holds his EFT-Cert (Honors) grade.

Mary Llewellyn, BSc(Hons), FHRS(UK), FRS

Mary Llewellyn is Hypnotherapist / Psychotherapist. She also uses Energy Therapies and Art Therapy. She works full-time at the Tickhill Complementary Health Clinic.  She is also a tutor on our Energy Therapy Courses. Mary teaches many skills and psychological techniques to enable clients to help themselves.  She is a “Certified Educator” for the National Council of Hypnotherapists and a “Course Provider” for the National Council for Psychotherapy. Mary is a member of the British Psychological Society, and is a Fellow of the Hypnotherapy Research Society.  She has been awarded “Master Practitioner” status by Gary Craig the originator of EFT and holds his EFT-Cert (Honors) grade.

The Benefits of EFT Universe Certification

Besides that you learn a wonderful self-healing, healinf and self-development method, which you can immediately use for yourself and for others around you, you will get the official EFT Universe certification. To have this Certification has a number of benefits. Some of them are as follows:

Whether you’re a life coach wanting to add to your qualifications, a therapist wishing to integrate EFT into your existing practice, a teacher looking for innovative classroom skills, or whether you simply want to use EFT for yourself and your friends, you will find the EFT Certification process a rewarding, stimulating, and supportive experience.

There are many benefits to you of EFT certification. Here are some of the many reasons to get certified in EFT:

  • The EFT Universe certification is based upon Clinical EFT, an “evidence-based” practice that has been validated in over 21 clinical trials. EFT Universe certification gives you the confidence that you are learning a set of skills grounded in the fundamentals in The EFT Manual, as well as sound science.
  • The EFT Universe Certificate holders are listed on our web page (www.humanharmony.hu) and the EFT Universe web page (www.eftuniverse. com). The Certified Practitioner pages on EFT Universe get hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. Potential clients can easily discover your services once you are listed as a Certified Practitioner.
  • The EFT Universe certification is built to last. It is based on the consistent and clearly defined standards of Clinical EFT, using the best training practices evolved by the top EFT experts over the course of fifteen years.
  • The EFT Universe certification program is supported by training materials developed by some of the top authorities in the field. We collaborated with these authors to publish a suite of textbooks to support an excellent certification program.


Realise these benefits by visiting the grounbreaking courses in Hungary if you

  • are interested in one of the most efficient and rapidly spreading new healing methods in the world today
  • want to help yourself and those around you
  • want to learn an effective stress-eliminating method, which is like an acupuncture but without needles
  • want to learn more about a new approach of health, illness and healing


Location of the courses

Rozmaring Kertvendéglő
1036 Budapest, Árpád fejedelem útja 125.

Budapest III. district, Szentendre suburban train stop from Tímár Street,
bank of the Danube, opposite Margaret Island

GPS coordinates (WGS ): Width (φ): 47.532723, Length (λ): 19.044695

Lunch on the location of the course

In the breaks of the courses buffet and in lunch time a restaurant also available.

The buffet and the lunch costs are not included in Registration and tuition fees. It is up to you to decide if you want to use these facilities. A lunch with 3 courses costs 1500 HUF per person per day  (approximately 5 Euros) and should be paid on the site. There will be 3 menu choices every day, one of them is vegetarian.

If you are interested in this possibility, please, indicate on the Application form below and we will send detailed information.

Please, indicate as well, if you are interested in accomodation possibilities nearby so we could send information about this as well.


Registration and Tuition Fees

For the courses a preliminary registration the payment of the Registration Fee is required as the number of the participants is limited. The prices below indicate the Registration Fees and the Tuition Fees separately. We advise you to pay the Registration Fee as soon as possible because this ensures your place on the events. We allocate the places on the courses on the sequence of arriving the Registration Fees.

It is possible to pay the Tuition Fees later, even on the site of the event.

Early Bird Discount. There is an Early Bird discount for the Tuition Fees until 5th October. You can find Tuition Fees valid until 5th October and from 6th October as well. (Registration Fees are the same before and after 5th of October!).

Further discounts are available if you apply for more than one course. Please, study carefully the cobinations of courses below and select the best combination which suits you.

Please, indicate on the Application Form if you took part on EFT1 or EFT2 courses before and indicate when, where and who was your trainer.

Registration Fees

  • EUR 85 for each training

Registration Fee must be paid separately for each course (on which you want to take part)

The Registration Fees are not returnable except in the case if you cannot take part on the event because of the fault of the organizer of the event e.g. there is no place on the event for you.)

Tuition fees

Precondition of the participation is that by the time of the start of the course the Tuition Fee must be paid.


EFT Level 1 Tuition Fee

  • EUR 155 (please, ensure that your bank transfer should arrive at latest by 18th of October, or you can pay in cash on-site)

EFT Level 2 Tuition Fee

  • EUR 155 (please, ensure that your bank transfer should arrive at latest by 18th of October, or you can pay in cash on-site)

EFT Plus Tuition Fee

  • EUR 155 (please, ensure that your bank transfer should arrive at latest by 18th of October, or you can pay in cash on-site)

EFT1+EFT2 trainings together

  • EUR 280 (please, ensure that your bank transfer should arrive at latest by 18th of October, or you can pay in cash on-site)

EFT1+EFT2+EFT Plus trainings together

  • EUR 435 (please, ensure that your bank transfer should arrive at latest by 18th of October, or you can pay in cash on-site)

EFT2+EFT Plus trainings together

  • EUR 280 (please, ensure that your bank transfer should arrive at latest by 18th of October, or you can pay in cash on-site)



Before you apply to the trainings, please, read carefully the PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS!

Payment methods:

  • With a bank card through PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash (in the Human Harmony Office 1132 Budapest Visegrádi u. 60. I. 6. on workdays between 9 and 16)

Please, indicate your chosen payment method on the Application Form below